Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY-Art on a Budget

I have zero technique when it comes to painting. I've never taken an art class, and I wouldn't know a proper brush stroke if it hit me in the head. Thus, my need to keep my art projects simple and clean(no fancy stuff here).

1. Paint brushes
2. A palette to mix paint(I used a paper plate)
3. Acrylic paint-black, blue, white
4. Canvas (I recycled an old one)

To start, I mixed black and blue paint to get the solid color for my background. I brushed an even coat onto the canvas, let it dry a bit, then added a second coat. I left the paint to dry, then used white to paint a silhouette of a flower. I then took some of my blue paint(straight from the tube), and dragged my brush around the silhouette to trace a rough outline of the flower...And you're done!

Not including drying time, this project took me about 30 minutes. Painting the background took up a large chunk of that.

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